A Proposed Visual of the Student Process of Engaging in Education Abroad Programming

Several months ago, I was preparing to present on the topic of supporting students from underrepresented backgrounds in education abroad/study abroad. In an attempt to demonstrate when international educators generally engage in conversations about student identity in the education abroad process, I found myself searching for a visual aid that showed the process by whichContinue reading “A Proposed Visual of the Student Process of Engaging in Education Abroad Programming”

Unconscious Bias in Education Abroad?

There’s a buzz in private industry about how unconscious bias is preventing more diverse and traditionally underrepresented professionals from accessing top level leadership positions within corporations. The case for having a diverse team of employees has been well documented (see Resources below), but it appears that when it comes to recruiting, hiring, and promoting weContinue reading “Unconscious Bias in Education Abroad?”

Opening Access to Education Abroad

Opening the Doors Wider: Funding Education Abroad for Nontraditional Students was published in the International Education last week, and I’m excited about the topics covered in the article (not to mention I helped inform some of the discussion). While funding isn’t the only factor in a student’s decision to go abroad, it’s a huge one.Continue reading “Opening Access to Education Abroad”