New Data on Study Abroad Programming Tells Us This is Not a Time for Complacency

Every year, international educators around the U.S. wait with a sense of excitement for the annual “Open Doors Report” published by the Institute for International Education.  Each year, there is something interesting in those numbers that captures our interest and compels those in the field to reflect on the successes and challenges of the previousContinue reading “New Data on Study Abroad Programming Tells Us This is Not a Time for Complacency”

Opening Access to Education Abroad

Opening the Doors Wider: Funding Education Abroad for Nontraditional Students was published in the International Education last week, and I’m excited about the topics covered in the article (not to mention I helped inform some of the discussion). While funding isn’t the only factor in a student’s decision to go abroad, it’s a huge one.Continue reading “Opening Access to Education Abroad”

Funding for International Experiences: Why It’s Important

With the tuition rates on the rise and budget cuts to nearly all spending in higher education, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that international education programming and funding is at a serious risk of being reduced. Political candidates have stated publicly their intent to cut spending in the some 75 internationally focused programs thatContinue reading “Funding for International Experiences: Why It’s Important”