Program of Study

Program plan for Lily Lopez-McGee

1. General Culture (8)
EDUC 800 (3) Ways of Knowing (Fall 2011)
EDUC 802 (3) Leadership Seminar (Spring 2012)
EDUC 805 (2) Doctoral Seminar in Education (Fall 2011)

2. Research Methods (12) 
EDRS 810 (3) Problems and Methods in Edu Research (Spring 2012)
EDRS 811 (3) Quantitative Methods in Edu Research (Summer 2012)
EDRS 812 (3) Qualitative Methods in Edu Research (Fall 2012)
EDRS 821 (3) Advanced Quantitative Methods (Spring 2014)

3. Professional Specialization (21): International Education
Major Area 
EDUC 880 Introduction to International Education (Fall 2011)
EDUC 797 Research Inquiries in Intl Education (Summer 2012)
EDUC 873 Edu Policy: Comparative & Intl Perspectives (Fall 2012)
EDUC 892 Social Justice and Equity in Intl Education (Spring 2013)
EDUC 997: Independent Study (Fall 2013)
PBAF 536 Program Evaluation in the Developing World (transfer course)

*Professional specialization must include: 
EDUC 994 (3) Advanced Internship in Education (Fall 2013)

4. Secondary Emphasis (12): Educational Psychology
Minor Area(s)
EDEP 820 Teaching Learning and Cognition (Fall 2012)
EDEP 822 Advanced Learning, Motivation, and Self-Regulation (Spring 2013)
EDEP 823 Research Project Educational Psychology: Sequence I (Spring 2013)
EDEP 824 Research Project Educational Psychology: Sequence II (Fall 2014)
PBAF 529 Advanced Multivariate Analysis (transfer course)

5. Dissertation (12)
EDUC 998 (3) Doctoral Dissertation Proposal (Spring 2015)
EDUC 999 (9) Doctoral Dissertation Research (Summer 2015; Fall 2015; Spring 2015)


The course schedule above is intended to capture my primary area of interest (international education) and my secondary interest that combines research methodologies with educational psychology. The internationally focused coursework will support my primary interests of working on issues related to international education. I have selected the courses in the secondary combined specialization for two reasons. One, the research questions that I have been able to explore in several of my courses thus far have focused on ideas such as motivation and self-efficacy, which are best situated in the context of educational psychology. Two, the research methods courses support my long-term career goals of working in an international context where I could easily use my skills in research methods, assessment, and evaluation to work on educational issues abroad. The methodology courses I plan to take at Mason would build on my course experience from my graduate program, which is the purpose for proposing the transfer of two courses from my master’s program. Additionally, combining educational psychology seems to be a natural fit given the history of the field and the rigor with which educational psychology has developed and used various research methodologies. Thus, I would like to pursue international education with a particular focus on research methods and educational psychology coursework.

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